It’s carb time…

Well, it’s the night before we leave for London. After another crazy week at work and fluctuating stress levels it was finally 3pm today, I’d done what I could, ditched the rest on Jeremy, and was away on my first week off since Christmas. 16 long weeks of running, working and not enough resting.
My plans to get to bed earlier this week haven’t gone that well but had a fairly relaxed weekend in comparison to others so I’m feeling pretty rested, that said I have just started yawning my head off so this may be brief.
I’m packed, my names ironed on my top, I’ve been brutalised at the physio’s tonight and my legs feel like I’ve got her fingers still stuck in them, and I’ve eaten so many carbs this week that I feel the size of a small house.
I can’t believe its on Sunday. Mental. I’m more excited than I am nervous, but this could change…
Just raring to go, want to get in Niall’s car at 10am and get on the road! Hello London Town!
7 months of training, 480 miles run, 4 months of not being able to drink on a Friday night, 1 (!) blister, 9lb lost in weight, training in snow, hail, ice, torrential rain, wind and very little sun, near misses with a goose, a chav and a dodgy tummy, and most importantly, over £3600 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support.
So all that’s left now is 26.2 miles to make good on this phenomenal amount of sponsorship, and give something back to the charity that has supported the two friends who’ve lost much loved parents in the last 18 months to this horrible disease.
I can’t wait..
Hope the sun shines, the spectators have fun, the atmosphere is uplifting in spite of the horrendous events in Boston, and that I make it! And after I’d made it, that I find everyone and most importantly, find beer!
I think I need to go and get into bed, and to be honest I’ve been talking about this all day, so all that remains is to wish myself good luck!
My next blog will hopefully be a euphoric display of my finishing time! Bring it on!

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