Bloody internet explorer

Just written an 850 word blog post, only to lose it when trying to upload a photo of me doing the A-bot. So the best I can cope with now is a bullet point summary of the last 2 weeks. Clearly the month I’ve spent working day in and day out in I.T. has chilled me out somewhat, I’ve taken the loss of the last hours writing pretty calmly. If I lose this though the laptop is going through the window.
* The freezing conditions have finished, though running over snow mounds in a vest top and getting mild sunburn is pretty surreal. Not convinced that the end of the world is not nigh, but what do I know.
* Monster month concluded with a 20 mile run in 3 hours 35mins, an evening watching 80’s films, and the inability to move my limbs properly.
* The marathon is next weekend.
* The celebration of the end of monster month and the start of the taper involved jager bombs, dirty burgers, dancing round to Ofay then inviting half of the Bridge back to our house (luckily only the hardy few came), then spending all last week guilt ridden and forcing myself to do speed work round the res to convince myself that I was still an athlete.
* The marathon is next weekend.
* I’m slightly concerned about what I’m going to do with myself after all this, suggestions so far include joining the SAS or the Foreign Legion (Chris), having a baby (Charlotte), or just relax a little while (everyone else). I’ve got a lovely week off planned, involving just the right balance of recovery, relaxation and reward. The Moet remains chilling, the spa day is booked and the texts have been sent about the culmination of the week off – the pie party.
* The marathon is next weekend.
* The spectator kits are ready, we all know what we’re doing and where we’re going, and the reunion at the end has become so dramatic in my head now that it now resembles a very bad Hollywood movie.
So thats about the long and short of it. I’ve set myself some rules for the next fortnight, lots of sleep, water and fruit and veg. Less crisps, chocolate and booze. So with that in mind, and knowing that my original blog post is lost forever, I’m off to continue with E4 in bed.
The next time I write I’ll actually be able to say – ‘The marathon is this weekend’. I am SO EXCITED!!!!

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