2 weeks til Moet time – Erm, found the post?! DOH!

So two weeks have passed. I’ve hit the peak and started the taper, had a blow-out and a wind-down, and come back full circle – its Monday night and I’m watching E4 in my dressing gown.
The great snow of 2013 is still on the ground, but thankfully the freezing conditions have ended. I ran in a vest top for the first time during training for this marathon, which was slightly bizarre when running over compacted snow mounds on the towpath.
I did my final long run ten days ago, twenty long miles…but I knocked nearly ten minutes off my time of the first 20 miler. This was a pretty good way to conclude monster month. Given what happened after, I’m amazed that I managed to make it to a birthday party after the first 20 miler! After I’d prised myself off the rug in the lounge and into the bath, and prised myself out the bath, the only logical next move was to get into bed in my towels, drenched, and lie there motionless for an hour and a half. This was followed by watching Back to the Future, Uncle Buck and then going to bed at half past 9. I am going to be lucky if I even see a pub after the marathon, I’m going to be beyond wiped out. I will get my Monday night Moet though, am looking forward to watching E4 through drunken, exhausted eyes.
So following the last mega week of training we went out on Easter Sunday and did some outrageous drinking. As I didn’t have to work or train on the Monday its fair to say I went a little bit silly, did some jager bombs, did some dancing, probably made an utter knob of myself. Oh well, people have been spared of it for a full 3 months, the original Dangerous clearly was overdue an appearance!
To be honest though after the euphoria of hitting that milestone last week felt a little bit strange. To say I was meant to be pulling it back, I ran Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then a half marathon on Saturday. It’s pretty ridiculous to think thats a light week. I ended up guilting myself into doing some speedwork, after the drunken chaos on Sunday I think I needed to prove to myself that I’m still an athlete, by running 4 miles each night and trying to beat myself. Peaked at 36 minutes which I was pretty pleased with – and a half in 2hr 10mins…which has blown me away. I’m allowed to be blown away by progress right?!
Had a busy week last week, tea at Rows, Lorna’s birthday beer bus (minus the bus in the end, just beer – but in a controlled fashion), a meat fest in Leeds yesterday with Ailsa, Dan and the Phillips, so the next two weeks are all about taking it very easy. Early nights, lots of water, lots of fruit and veg, and aside from a couple of drinks on Saturday that I plan to have at Emma’s 40th, thats it for the drinking for a fortnight. I woke up this morning and can now officially say the sentence ‘its the marathon next weekend’. Next weekend!
I am so very excited! I’m waiting for the fear to kick in but I seem to be past it for now, that will probably be next Monday night when we’re on the official countdown. I just don’t know what I’m going to do with myself after! As much as I’m yearning for the free time, and an end to this never ending physical activity, I am going to be a little bit at a loose end. I hope I strike a balance between fun, productivity, general keep fit and reading more books. Then when I’m bored of that I’ll think of the next ridiculous challenge. Chris’s helpful suggestions to look into joining the SAS or the Foreign Legion are probably not that realistic.
Have got loads of nice things planned that week when I’m off to aid recovery and general reward. Massage, spa afternoon with Mum, long lunch with wine, visiting Sarah and Annie, George’s birthday meal…all culminating with the pie party on the Saturday. What a great way to spend ten days off work.
I can’t believe I’m running the marathon next week! I keep thinking about standing under the B at the end and waiting for Chris and Mum and the girls to meet me, and its just getting more and more hyped up in my head, at the moment its quite like a scene out of a terrible Hollywood movie. But I like it.
I’ve now got over £3300 in the fundraising pot too, and had a personal email from Macmillan to say they’ve been following my progress and have a lovely Easter. I really hope I hit £3500. Its just never enough is it…!
On that note, I’m going to follow the first of my new rules, which is an early night.
Next time I blog it will be the week of the marathon! Hurrah!


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