I am absolutely wiped out! As well as a hectic week at work, the unpleasant journey to Darlington for Patsy’s funeral, a leaving do, a birthday party and a day out watching the Script in Manchester, I ran 20 miles on Saturday. I’m OK when I’m sat down but the minute I get up and try and move about it’s like I’ve been beaten up! I’ve passed up tonights training session in favour of a night on the sofa, we’ve got 8 more working days to complete the web project, and I decided that my body needed an extra days recovery time or this week would be unbearable. It’s going to be another hectic week with Dad’s 60th over in Bradford, seeing Clara in Leeds at the weekend, as well as work and running. I’m going to try and stay awake long enough to write this, then its shut eye for me!
It’s the first Easter since I was at college that all I’m planning is day time activities because I need lie ins, sofa time and sobriety. Ha! I just need to get through this week then I can rest, of a fashion, then after next week I can finally begin the wind down to the race. Just 2 more weeks of trying not to get injured and then it’s nearly time.
Its amazing how much difference those couple of miles make. Everything has hurt since Saturday, for some reason it felt more like the mechanics of my body than anything else, my hips and pelvis (?!), it’s as if it’s fighting the fact that I’d kept it moving for so long!
The actual run was a battle of mental wills more than physical, and strangely the last 3 miles were easier than the middle section, well the middle 14 miles in fact!
I just had to keep telling myself that I had to do one more mile and then I could stop, and then just keep adding onto it. It seemed to work, well it must have done, because I did it!
I don’t think I’ve recovered well enough to feel proud yet, which is bizarre. It was Rick’s birthday do at his on Saturday night and everyone was saying how amazing it was but I just felt stunned! It was so lovely to hear, and I’ve had loads of ‘likes’ on the facebook, loads of texts from the girls, but I’m not sure I believe I did it. 3 hours 44 minutes as well which is much better than I’d have ever thought I’d have done.
I wish the taper started today, now I’ve hit that peak, the thought of having to run another 18 & 20 mile run is making me feel pretty unwell!
Have been told about some side effects of over training, loss of appetite, a release of hormones, which would explain the getting choked up much easier in the last few days (generally not about much), and then the most shocking thing happened yesterday. I couldn’t finish my burger! Things have clearly done array.
I am so excited though, I just want it to be here and I can crack on with it and get my medal. The total raised now is £3130, more sponsors have come in from work, some really generous ones, and I’m just, well, ready. Just 5 more weeks, then a whole week of work recovering. Bliss!
I think as well I need to start being even healthier, as I don’t think the wiped out feeling has been helped by drinking far too much lager with Dad yesterday and dancing round to the Script all night! In hindsight getting us seats would have been a better idea, but then the band were so well received by the crowds that everyone was stood up anyway, at least we had a crash barrier to lean on. Almost ended up getting crushed by it when lead singer Danny (evidently quite the heart throb) decided to make a sneaky appearance at the side of the stage then run round trying to stroke peoples hands. Bizarre, cheesy, but still a great night.
Anyway, its been snowing again today, which after nearly getting stuck in a blizzard on the A1 on Monday, with no screen wash, and having to pull over before I crashed, I can honestly say I’m sick of! I expect that by the time its here at the end of April the weather will have picked up considerably and I could do with some practice running in something warmer than zero. Wishful thinking though.
I’ve turned my back on E4 for the night in favour of Mary Poppins, one of the ‘things to do before I’m 30’. I am starting to think though that its the sort of film you should have watched as a child to think of it as fondly as everyone seems to. I think I may take my broken body up to bed and get my fix (of E4 that is) there.
Oh I’m too excited! Hurry up marathon weekend. Hopefully this time next week I’ll have got another 18miler in the bag, and it’ll be one week to go before the wind down. Hurrah indeed…

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