The cats out of the bag…

It’s my favourite day. Lazy Sunday with no commitments, and as such when this is the case I’ve managed to convince Chris that we should have a roast. That he should cook. And shop for the ingredients for. On top of agreeing to this he’s returned from Morrisons with flowers and a large bottle of Morretti for me, so in return I’ve told him that me, Lorna and George used to be morris dancers, step cloggers, folk group singers and part time school jesters. Whilst this in itself has made his day, I’ve also done a demonstration of said clog dance. I’m hoping he stops laughing enough soon to make this roast. I’ve not even started on the Sunday gins yet, so why on earth I’m revealing our school secrets is beyond me.
It’s Mothers Day and there’s been the exciting announcement this week that we’re going to have another mummy in the group this time next year. Not only will Row have a new baby, so will Ailsa! 12 week scan on Friday for Ails and 20 for Row. Exciting times for the DLB’s, who may soon need a new group name, its inappropriate for married ladies with children to be called DLB’s surely?
Anyway, I massively digress from my intended blog post, marathon updating!
It’s been a monster of a week training wise, I’ve done the Blacko 5 miler 3 times mid week, despite working more hours this week than I have in ages, and yesterday I ticked off 18 miles. I cannot believe I ran 18 miles yesterday and am still walking and functioning today. After the upset with last Saturdays 16 mile battle along the canal, it has definitely made me feel a lot more confident about 6 weeks today. 6 weeks!!!
Kirsty has hurt her foot, the physio seems to think she has torn a ligament, which is horrendous and I really hope she’s not out of action for too long. I feel terrible that she has injured herself whilst doing me a massive favour and given how much she loves to train I hope it is something that can be put right with ease.
So this meant that it was just me yesterday, but to be honest I kind of figured that it would do me good to have to motivate myself the whole way, and that if I could do it then I’d be in a much more comfortable position physically and mentally about being able to achieve my goal of getting my medal. Unfortunately it was a bit of a miserable day, but I did it! With the exception of a brief stop to have a wee at the side of the canal (having decided that I didn’t care enough about what people thought to wet myself) I jogged all the way, a leg crumbling 3 hours and 20 minutes.
As well as being tough going on your pins, its bloody boring! There’s only so much thinking ahead you can do when you don’t have a notepad with you to write stuff down, only so much visualising of the glory of finishing you can do, then its just back to you, the canal, and the pain. Luckily I saw Paul from work walking his dog, so waving frantically killed about 30 seconds, then thinking I saw Gary from work on his barge killed about another 30 seconds. There was probably a few minutes worrying that it was neither Paul nor Gary I was seeing, seen as my eyes seem to be letting me down recently, and that I was in fact staring through the window of a strangers barge, and waving madly at a confused man with a small black dog. So the remaining 3 hours 15 minutes did drag somewhat. When I passed the Lancashire / Yorkshire border sign just after Foulridge I thought, hmmm, its going to be about another hour and a half before I see that sign again, which did not help the motivation levels! It was quite good when I finally did pass it again though!
From 16 miles onwards though I had a massive grin on my face because I knew I’d done it, I’d passed the furthest point, and I had to get home, so therefore I had to keep on running. I genuinely think I’m going to be able to do it!
Luckily when I was getting cook books out this morning I’ve found a pack of final details / instructions from the tour company we’ve booked the stay in London with, they need stuff sending back by next week, I can’t understand how they got there and how I’ve not opened them??! Anyway there’s loads of info about the weekend, and stuff they put on in the hotel for you, I’m so excited!! I got my running vest on Friday too, so its getting near to the time!
I’m going to make spectator packs for Mum, Chris, Kirsty and Ailsa as there’s loads of detail about timing and view points and finding me at the end, so there’s quite a lot of logisitics to deal with. Luckily i like logistics…
So next week I’m ramping it up to 20 miles and then leaving it there, no more mileage. Been reading up quite a bit this week on time vs. distance and the general consensus is that you shouldn’t ever run for more than 3 and a half hours because it takes too long for your body to recover from, so I’m not going to go up to the 22 the plan suggests. Anna only got to 16 before hand and they say 15 is an absolute minimum so I think I’d be more than comfortable with 20.
Going to have a chat over lamb tonight about our plans for the weekend, looks like there’s a plethra of pasta parties and registration fun to look forward to. I can’t wait!!!!

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