An emotional journey…

After nearly five months of training I’ve hit 14 miles. Last Saturday we did a half marathon, then we added on an extra mile this weekend and are ramping up the distance. After a fortnight of feeling very worked up and anxious about it all I’ve started feeling better this weekend, probably because I wasn’t in a crumpled heap after 14 miles so I must have more to give. That’s always encouraging.

We’ve changed a few things too, we’ve started running in the opposite direction on the canal, so there’s no chavs, no geese and a much better view. This week once we’d hit halfway we put our music in for a bit of help from the Prodigy. And the real clincher on the 14 miler has got to be energy gels!

I’d been a bit reluctant to try them out because lets face it, when you’re running for nearly two and a half hours the last thing you want to be doing is carrying any extra weight, and trying to squeeze an unknown gel into your mouth on the hoof without accidentally veering off into the canal. I waited until just before the ten mile mark and a whiff of a hill, and began the process of trying not to drown, cut the inside of my mouth a little on the energy gel which wasn’t ideal…but hey presto, they bloody work! It wasn’t so much that I had a sugar rush moment but I definitely noticed that I was doing OK afterwards, and instead of slowing down we were knocking time off in the last 4 miles which is just ridiculous. Ended up doing 14 miles in 2 hours 23 minutes. Am amazed with us.

I’ve also turned into a complete lightweight. On Friday I was in bed at 9pm. Last night it was 7.30pm (admittedly being slightly tipsy was the main reason for that). Last Saturday it was 11pm, but I had to be accompanied, after trying to eat a raw pizza. Not loving this inability to stay awake / socialise / function. I think a lot of the problem last weekend is that I’ve not been listening to Mr Miagi and I had half a pint of water to drink ALL DAY and then wondered why 4 Prosecco cocktails put my bloody lights out. I think its fair to say that Niall and Mandie must think I’m an absolute lunatic, I’m quite looking forward to marathon weekend so they can see me sober and hopefully that’ll redeem me a bit!

Generally speaking though its been a difficult couple of weeks. I have started feeling a bit embarrassed about how much I’m talking about it, especially when people ask how its going when people are there who’ve already had a debrief that day. Quite concerned people are going to think I’ve turned into a bit of a knob! Also find it really strange going out with friends and being the one driving and going home early, doesn’t make me feel like myself. I know it’s all part of the process and I knew I was going to have to give stuff up but it’s felt like my sanity is one of the sacrifices of late.

Kirsty’s been great on the motivation front when we’re on the Saturday long run, I didn’t realise until this Friday how scared I have been about it. It’s seemed so long off but we’re now in the countdown, only 5 more weeks before I have to start cutting it back (but obviously I have to get to the peak before I have to back off!). That’s all a little overwhelming. Anyway we just got on with it and the first hour went really fast, despite it snowing constantly all the way round. Snowing! It’s March on Friday. Ridiculous. It’s also a bit ridiculous to think that in just a few weeks me and Macca are going to be running a massive 22 MILES. That is just frightening! Just have to think that we’ve already done 14, so it’s just adding a little bit more on. Think my mind does actually compute that too.

Chris took over my nutrition last week, well lets face it, he’s been trying since I signed up to make me drink milk and eat porridge and all these other things that remind me far too much of being force fed healthy food as a child. I relented, probably because he said he’d cook all week, and maybe it’s that added to the energy gels is whats been getting me down the road. Its amazing how quickly seemingly independent women get used to taking homemade butties to work and having tea made for them. Anyway its all over, one week only to see how I liked it. I still don’t like porridge, I can definitely vouch for that.

So I’ve been out tonight and done another short, sharp shuttle through the village. Wasn’t as quick as last week but am going to have to try not to get obsessed with speed now on top of everything else! And as its Monday that means its E4 and jogging pants night, which despite all this weekends sleep is going to get cut short because I need to go back to bed! Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn.

However, this time in 8 weeks I’ll be sat on my sofa happy in the knowledge that I’ve done it, raised the money, done the distance, and feeling good. Slightly sore, but very, very happy :).

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