The geese, the chavs, the glory

Well, my week in running has been so eventful I’ve had to make notes.

After the horrendous hail fest that was Monday nights training session, it could really only get better. Tuesday nights Pilates session didn’t quite hit the spot, but it did remind me why people like me generally don’t do Pilates. We’re halfway through the course now, and this clearly made the instructor think she had carte blanche to introduce ‘props’. So I ended up using an exercise ball for the first time since the Body Vive session that I had to run out of to be sick, didn’t bring back particularly happy memories. Especially when the ball popped out from under my ass where it was nestling and went rolling into the woman behind me. It was like a sketch show, still not sure how it didn’t stay wedged, despite running 25 miles last week my arse is still ginormous!
Anyway the session didn’t exactly instill me with confidence for the week ahead, so I finished work on Wednesday and figured I had to get outside as soon as possible before I talked myself out of it.

Somehow it ended up being my best run yet. The girls were coming for tea and it would have been the perfect excuse to not do the full session, but off I went, and as soon as my leg started hurting I just decided that it wasn’t. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t cold, it wasn’t shooting pains up my leg. I was having fun! To be honest it did work. At some point as it gradually went dark over Pendle and I was started to climb the hill in Blacko, my friend Mary made a reappearance.

It turns out that Mary is in her 50’s and she’s running for Macmillan too because her husband is poorly. Thinking about helping her through the last mile of the race got me to the top of the hill and whilst it felt a little bit weird that technically, at nearly 30 years old, I’d just created my first imaginary friend, it did get me through my first 5 mile session that I’d done under a 10 minute mile. I obviously then took it to the extreme and started thinking about her posting glowing reports about how wonderful I am on facebook afterwards, then I did start feeling like a lunatic so just enjoyed the Prodigy.

Was pretty giddy by the time the girls arrived, which was quite good as after the initial catch up the conversation deteriorated into what would happen if I accidentally pooed myself on the marathon, which to be honest is not something I really think I need to add to my list of worries!! It was quite helpful that Lorna has given me permission to call in at any time should the need take me whilst I’m out, which is all good to know!  

Running was pretty topical last week at work as well because we had the launch of the Pennine 10K thats coming to Burnley in June. It’s being organised by the Jane Tomlinson Foundation, and hearing Jane’s husband talk about all the running challenges she achieved before her death from cancer, whilst her body was deteriorating, was pretty humbling. Kind of makes you think you can run 5 miles in hail really, you don’t have to enjoy it, but you’re certainly more than capable. And after all the serious stuff I got to meet a genuine Emmerdale star! Excellent. Certainly made a pleasant change from working on the website hour after hour.

Not much to say about Thursdays run, apart from that its pretty obvious but never the less worthwhile mentioning, that running when its light is much easier than when its dark. Not least because you can see where you’re going! Roll on spring.

So after an interesting (shit) week at work, and an interesting (shit) family tea on Friday, it was Saturday morning again, and it was the Saturday morning big run. This time the geese actually did go for us. Beak out, running at Kirsty’s legs, squawking like a possessed, well a possessed goose. I hate them!! We’d only just bloody set off and had to leg it off the canal into some back streets in Nelson, trying to find a way back onto the canal that didn’t involved getting potentially pecked to death by some deranged birds. We managed eventually and with the exception of a couple of completely sinister looking characters on bikes (when did it become ok to wear balaclavas if you’re not robbing a bank?), groin strain, leg ache, mental birds, and not taking any water, 11.2 miles later we arrived back at Calderstones. Triumphant!
To be honest it wasn’t that much more difficult than the 10 miler, the last 15 minutes were a bit more muted yes, but we still did a semi sprint finish and I could walk on Saturday afternoon so I could have carried on. It was encouraging!

We took ourselves off to gorge ourselves for lunch with Ailsa and Row, unfortunately I took that a bit too literally and ended up having to sit with my pants undone for 2 hours when we got back (this could be part of the giant ass equation)… but it was well deserved none the less.

I felt the same about half a box of Peroni too on Saturday night, my first proper session since New years Eve. It’s amazing how quickly you get back into drinking after a month off! Rick, Janine, Lindsay and Mark came round, it all started off sensibly, chatting and catching up, it ended up when I woke up and had to check with Chris why my hand smelt of kebab. It was quite obvious really, even if I didn’t remember eating it I guess I shouldn’t have had to ask if I did…

So it’s 12 miles this week, and I think a change of scenery. Not really sure that the goose / potential psychopath combo on the Burnley stretch is filling me with that much joy, more could be gained from just changing direction.

It’s 10 weeks off! Mum and Paul, and Kirsty have booked their train tickets down for the day, so I’ve got a cheering trio alongside Chris. I am flitting between being really excited and dreading it. I’ve just been out after work tonight and done a short but fast run and I didn’t collapse, so I’m definitely getting fitter. It’s just whether I’m getting fit enough!

And as well as training and working I’ve spent the week researching the Italy trip for Dad’s 60th which is certainly something that I can throw into the positive thoughts pile for when I’m struggling. The photos of where we’re thinking of going are so beautiful I could cry…

Think that’s about all I have to witter about this evening. Photo of decadent lunch Saturday and miserable lunch Monday to follow…

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