Amy vs food, drink, but not quite the elements

So I’m currently recovering from a pretty unpleasant run. For the first time in a long time I didn’t complete the time I was meant to, but it just wasn’t happening this evening. I picked a different route out of sheer boredom with the Blacko run, especially with the knowledge that I’ll be doing that on Wednesday and Thursday anyway this week. Anyway it was shit. Thats about the best description I can come up with. There was less street lighting than I thought there was, the distance was much shorter than I thought it was, the pavements were really uneven (and invisible), so it became a short relay on a bad route. Then it started hailing, I didn’t have my hat or gloves on, and it actually really hurt! I did 43 minutes and was meant to do 55, so its not the end of the world, and at 4 miles its not a bad way to start the week. It’s Monday evening, which means I’m of course sat here in my pjamas watching E4 whilst Chris is out playing football. This is the most chilled night of my week…

Well its been an eventful week. I’ve eaten A LOT – three courses on Saturday night which was nearly all meat. I’ve put on weight. I’ve bought some new slick running leggings and finally found some grey and hot pink adidas joggers, yes, this is the sort of thing that excites me these days. I’ve got off the waggon and enjoyed my first beer in 32 days. Me and Macca managed another 10 miler without getting attacked by geese. I was so tired after that when we tried to go on a little walk afterwards up to Malham Cove I was walking like a pensioner and then needed to lie down. Chris referred to it as going for a walk with a lame dog. Luckily I took it well. I realised that after a month off the booze having 4 pints will definitely get you pissed and then order some samosas. And then Sarah had a little baby girl, called her Annie, and I met her today, which is far more interesting and fantastic than a weeks worth of running information. She is absolutely beautiful!

My left leg still hurts, I think there is definitely some shin issue. But I’m comforted by putting in another ten miles on Saturday, its all starting to feel a little bit real…

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