Gangham style

I’ve had sore legs for 2 months…

…no really, I have. It doesn’t help that after a 8.25 mile run on Friday morning I then galloped round a marquee on Saturday night. Proper gangham style…

It was Row and Warren’s wedding, it was late, there’d been a free Peroni bar, and it seemed like a very good idea at the time. What a weekend, I’m amazed I’ve actually gone out and jogged tonight, but I’m not convinced I’ve not given myself shin splints with my actions!


I wish I had a video,  but for now, here is an action shot that is far more entertaining than any photo of me running.

I took the whole weekend off, and it felt like a real treat. I’ve now been training for 9 weeks and after Friday’s epic bypass mission I loved taking 2 full weekend days to not run, and to stuff my face with food and drink. The wedding was fantastic, really beautiful, everyone was on form, and we danced and danced to the point that I actually exhausted myself. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. Can I count it as training? I think before long Gangham style will be classed as a form of exercise. It was quite worrying how Chris appears to have been practicing it?

Sorry I have actually just had to you tube it. I love it!

As far as running updates go, I guess its pretty steady away at the moment. Another 3 weeks of moderate activity before two lots of madness start, Christmas party season, then the 16 week countdown. eek! Think I should probably enjoy the relatively chilled schedule for now!



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