It’s -4 degrees out there

I got a better idea for a blog yesterday. It involved less pain, early mornings and sore legs. I thought I could travel round the UK, and then the world, eating and blogging about the burgers I eat. The idea came when Richard was telling me about a burger diner near Bolton Abbey which sounds amazing, and then was backed up by the burger I ate last night.

So anyway post April, thats what I’ll be doing. Reducing my fitness levels to zero and gaining a lot of weight.

Nothing made me want to be a burger blogger rather than a running blogger more than when I looked out of the window this morning and saw that the cars were frozen solid, and it was -4C. It was 6.30am and it was time to go running. The joy. Anyway it was bizarre, loads of people were out and about in their neon jackets and wooly hats running up and down the village quite happily. As we’d been going half a mile I realised that running in the freezing cold when you’ve got the right gear is bloody lovely! It felt about as fresh as I’ve ever known it, once I’d managed to start getting air into my lungs in a proper way that is.

As it’s Row and Warren’s wedding this weekend and I intend to party my ass off, I’m doing my long run in the morning before work (great idea, I know). It’s also time to add on another mile! Hurrah! So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it to be baltic, weirdo that I am. I’m also hoping for a large proportion of my playlist to involve the Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers like this mornings did. That’ll help.

So, think that’s about it for running news since Sunday. I’m starting to feel like I’m not doing enough, not in terms of long run mileage but think I need to be doing more days. However seen as I’ve got 8 miles to do in the morning remedying my training plan and adding much more pain at this particular moment in time doesn’t seem that appealing.

2 Broke Girls on e4 and an early night in preparation on the other hand? Much more appealing…

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