My first blister!

It’s been a strange week in terms of my preparation for the marathon, in that I’ve been trying to pretend its not happening.

Been a busy week at work, had a presentation to do that was massively out of my comfort zone, and the thought of trying to fit in runs around it all just didn’t fill me with much joy.

Monday nights run was good, flat, as we like it, but then could not drag myself out of bed on Wednesday morning and when I did on Thursday it was a pretty average performance.

So today, it was 7 miler time. After last week, I was a little worried. I’d decided not to throw myself in at the deep end like last week, and even though I know I’d been ‘a quitter’ last week, the thought of trying it again and failing was not very encouraging. So I decided to go back to the old faithful bypass, and do the simple trick of running 3.5 miles up it, then turning round and running back. It was the lovely steady hill aspect of it that wasn’t too brilliant, but this was enough to stop me feeling too guilty about not being prepared to run to Roughlee again.

So, I went, alone, in the rain, after a lovely weekend in York but one that has involved eating a lot of meat, so wasn’t feeling my most lithe! Anyway, as per usual, the first 30 minutes basically involved me having mental arguments with myself about turning round, about carrying on, and the best one – and one I’ve not had before, stopping dead on the spot and ringing Chris to come and collect me from that spot.

Luckily I found something a little bit more athletic and positive in me and carried on, which I’m more than capable of doing. I really need to get my head in gear – I signed up for this, I wanted this, and now all I’m doing is moaning (internally, externally, verbally) about having to train for it.

I ignored my doubts and carried on, and as a result I’ve run 7.1 miles without stopping, in the driving side wind and rain of a lovely November Lancashire day, and I feel really proud of myself. I am completely exhausted though! Even writing this is proving an effort. I am going to sign off and console myself with yet another Christmas film. It’s called ‘Noel’ and so far I can see it stars Susan Sarandon and Ryan Phillippe. I can’t see it being the best film ever!

Anyway, tomorrow is the beginning of week 9. Not long now until the 16 week mad plan begins!!

Oh, and I have my first blister! I probably shouldn’t be excited about this, but it feels like I’ve crossed a milestone into doing lots of training! Either that or my socks are rubbish… :/

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