Landspeed records

OK, well clearly none of these have been set, but its on a par with the message of the original title, ‘Hitting targets, reaching goals’.

I think in terms of my latest running adventures I’m probably going to have to work backwards. Today I was in the Burnley Express. It prompted a slightly bizarre phone call from a member of public, but thats not to be discussed here, lets just say that some people need to get find hobbies, not problems. It was a really nice piece, and whether it will generate a massive amount of sponsors I’m not sure, but it was lovely to be in.

I’ve also lost a couple more lbs in weight and am starting to feel a bit more athletic, probably prompted by seeing people I’d not seen since before I started training on Saturday night, and they all told me I looked trimmer. Woo-hoo.

Anyway, I’ve run twice since my last blog, one was entirely more successful than the other. Saturday morning it was time for the 7 miler. The 6 had gone so well the week before, what could possibly go wrong?

Hills. Hills bloody hills.
Admittedly there was an element of negativity and giving up attached to it, but primarily, I blame the hills. I got 3/4ers of the way up Pasture Lane and collapse felt imminent, so I did the natural thing which was stop jogging, start walking, and try not to cry / collapse at the same time. I’d got far enough up the hill to feel proud of myself, but admittedly it wasn’t that much further from the top, and if my life / family members life had been at risk, I think I was physically capable of getting to the top. But you don’t think these things when every fibre of your body is telling you it needs to catch its breath.

So then quite clearly once your brain is in give up mode, by the time you approach the second almighty hill, you don’t even try. I literally just walked up the entire hill feeling rubbish. Once we got to the top we still had over 4 miles to go, flat yes, but still 4 miles.

Anyway, needless to say it wasn’t the most encouraging experience. Still, despite the fact that there was some walking it was still a 7 miler and that is my furthest distance yet. So whilst I was feeling a little sorry for myself and caressing my sore legs, Runkeeper sent me an email.

Title: ‘You’ve reached a milestone’

Well done! You’ve achieved 25% of your goal to complete a 26mi run! Great start, keep the momentum rolling!

and then basically told me that is was the most of everything I’ve ever done. So I felt better.

As usual the weekend went far too quickly and before I knew it it was Monday again, and that means the Monday evening solo jog through the village. Last nights conditions were far from optimal, it was blowing a gale and I got out of work late, but I kitted up and set off quickly with one aim. To not go anywhere near any hills.

In the process of what was essentially me trying to be lazy and complete my training all at the same time I ended up doing a mini relay with myself through the village and got my first sub 10 minute mile pace in 7 weeks.

So to quote Money Supermarket, now I feel epic.

I keep massively fluctuating between really fired up to hugely despondent, but I’m fairly sure this is normal. Its a huge deal and I think that seen as post Christmas 4 whole months are going to revolve round running and fundraising, I can allow myself to feel the range of emotions I am doing in the comfort that its still some time off. I’m way ahead of where a beginner should be (according to the plan), but I am conscious of needing to build up more distance and get a 4th run in a week, so I’ve incorporated that into this weeks plan and we’ll see how it goes.

Chris is being brilliant, and I’ve even told him so. I think he may be taking his duties a little seriously as he’s also playing football and running with Warren once a week, and I think he’s going to end up exhausted, but I love the fact that he is trying so hard to help, and it really is a great support. I think if it was summer I’d be OK because I do like running on my own, I prefer it in a lot of ways. My pace doesn’t weigh on my mind as heavily because I don’t think I’m holding anyone up and I just drift into the music and the game plan. I think I’d need the support on the long runs any time of year though, especially when I break the back of the same 7 miler. Then I’ll feel epic :).

Right, it is 5 weeks off Christmas, I’ve been paid, and I need to put Love Actually on and order some gifts. Between work, money and lack of finances I’ve barely thought about what to get the 3o people I need to gifts for. Another Christmas sponsored by Amazon coming right up.

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