The lightning leggings

According to Runkeeper I have clocked a personal best, tonight I was lightning on legs by my standards. Now depending on your definition of lightning most people would argue that still not getting a sub 10 minute mile is not exactly quick. But to me, it is great to get a little alert telling me I’m a speedster.

It was the usual kind of run that happens mid week. The route involves running to a set point, turning round and running back. The first leg is spent with me generally wanting to give up, then suddenly miraculously feeling fine on the return leg wondering why I’d been such on mard in the first place. I reached new levels of mard though because I actually gave Chris the finger this time when he refused to turn round. I forget during these black spells that I’m the one who willingly signed up, practically begged to get in, and he could happily stay at home on the sofa and leave me to run alone in the dark for 5 months.

But it felt good, we powered back down through the village and clocked up another 4 miles, thats 7.5 this week and its only Wednesday. And that’s after spending all day in Manchester at a conference ahead of my annual money grabbing 15 hour election stint tomorrow. So that’s dedication in my opinion.

It’s getting easier, it is, it just doesn’t feel like it for the first 15 minutes of every run, then as I get into my stride I remember I’ve trained for 6 weeks, I’ve done 2 half marathons and I’m more than capable of running a few miles. And when that fails, I think of my new imaginary friend Mary.

On that note I think I’d better get these tired legs to bed. I’ve got hours sat in an empty church hall tomorrow buying Christmas presents off Amazon on my credit card wondering where all the voters are.

Night night :).

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