Week 7 off to a good start

Oh, I’m back in business. Went out Thursday night after work and was FINE! Yippee! Think I was panicking unneccessarily (i.e. being dramatic). So me and Chris did our Blacko jog and whilst I was whinging in my head, we did well and it was reassuring.

Then on Saturday…the 6 miler. The furthest I’ve run in 2 and a half years and I’d forgotten how its not that fun! Hit the wall nearing the top of Fence and its a good job that when we rounded the corner I could see the end of the road as I was about to lie down and cry.

Whilst I was chuffed to bits with how I’d done once we got home, I started worrying a bit, which is a really negative way of looking at things, but the thought of doing that route another 3.5 times made me want to lie back down and cry some more.

Anyway, my mission this week is to be positive!! I went out tonight again and felt pretty good indeed. I think it helped imagining the finish line, and helping an imaginary woman called Mary who was struggling, and just thinking about what a hero this would make me look got me about a further half mile without even realising I was running.

So basically I just need to disappear into one of my ridiculous make believe worlds when I set off on the longer jogs and they will fly by.

Mapped out a crazy one for Saturday morning incorporating all the local hill monsters. It is impossible to create any distance route in these parts without there being some kind of hellish climb. There could possibly be a stretch of walking because they are complete bitches.

But because I’m so positive I expect me and Mary will just breeze up the hills…

I’ve raised £80 today as well through more lovely sponsors so that helps the motivation levels, a big chat about cancer on Saturday evening and some inspirational you tubing yesterday is probably what’s got me back in the right frame of mind.

Might watch one more now, preferably with some kind of terrible music, Nickelback featured a lot yesterday, which was thoroughly unneccessary.

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