Mind that step love

Well, it could have been worse. I could have also lost my front teeth.

I set off for Spain feeling like someone training for a marathon. I’ve come back with a swollen foot and therefore a delay in the training process. After going to great lengths to continue my training whilst on holiday (a first, and last experience I expect), which included wearing running trainers to the airport like a member of Status Quo as they wouldn’t fit in my cabin luggage, I’ve ended up with a holiday injury that has put paid to my progress.

I’ve come careering off a step on the second night, having not seen the step because I was too busy taking the piss out of some guy for looking like he was enjoying a massage in a restaurant a little too much. Karma I think that is. Anyway I certainly wasn’t the one laughing when I went flying, landed in a strangers arms and have jarred my foot. Brilliant!

I’m fairly optimistic that its not a lasting problem, I think its a mild sprain, and after sitting with ice on it all day Saturday the swelling has really gone down. To be fair I think we’d done our training for the weekend after a hot, hilly jog round the area, which put Carr Hall Road to shame. Then getting in at 6.15am that same night meant it was unlikely I’d have gone running that day, but still, I feel like I’ve been set back for a lot longer than I’m sure I am, its only been 4 days since I went out.

I think I’m more concerned about the last 2 runs I’ve done being slightly disappointing, though to be fair the last thing you want to do the night before you go holiday is a 4 mile run in the driving rain, dodging minature trick or treaters whilst trying not to slip on leaves. I ended up with a stitch for the first time on the way back, so arrived home in a pretty bad mood. Then after having to stop and walk on the hill back to the villa I wasn’t feeling that confident, and now this!

The good news is though that the Halloween fundraiser courtesy of Gina and the gang raised £83, so my grand total at the moment is £1315. Which is not to be sniffed at.

Just need a little bit more rest and then I’m back on it. I hope.

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