The permanent cold

I’ve had a cold since last Sunday. I suspect that keeping going out running in the wind, cold and rain is probably not speeding up my recovery. I also suspect that having a really heavy weekend probably has had an impact!

Last Wednesday I tackled another big hill. I reckon I rank it about Grade 2 in the Grades 1-3 scale of hills in the Barrowford area. Carr Hall Road is a 1, steep but relatively short (which I did again tonight and my legs have completely fallen out with me), Higher Causeway & Wheatley Lane Road – they’re a 2. The last one to tackle now is the road to Roughlee. Probably need to wait for the cold to go and not spend the whole weekend getting leathered  before I attempt that one.

The training and fundraising is starting to feel like a part time job,  but I’ve really started enjoying the training more. I used to be dreading the whole run and wondering when my body would give up and I’d be dragging myself around, thats not been happening. With the exception of the bypass, thats no fun and it never will be. Did 5.19 miles on Friday (I guessed correctly that I’d feel too dreadful on Saturday or Sunday morning to manage the big run!) and it wasn’t too awful. In fact I was bouncing off the walls afterwards.

Feels a lot different to the GNR training, but maybe thats because I know that I’ve achieved that, I generally have a better diet, and I’m probably a bit more confident in it?

Off to Spain on Thursday so technically looking forward to having a break from it, maybe I’ll finally get over my cold…though I suspect I’m going to be doing a little training!!

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