Running with a hangover

Not only was it the bypass, it was the bypass after lashings of cheap wine in the Thatch. And not only was it the bypass, it was the bypass with an extra mile added onto the run for good measure.

Before we get onto Saturdays run though, todays run was brilliant! I set off quicker than normal, noticeably faster, and it felt fine. For the first time in the 3 weeks since I’ve known about the marathon I felt like a runner. It may have been the new full length Nike leggings which made me look like a runner, but also like a Police scuba diver. Either way, they made me run quicker and better so they will be going on again!!

I also ran up Carr Hall Road. To anyone not from Barrowford, and plenty from Barrowford, this is a horrible hill. Horrible. I’ve only run up it once before and that was about 2 years ago so it was a bit of a mental challenge more than anything. And I did it!! Which means that I officially can do hills!! Wanted to do a bit of a victory jog through the village but despite it being rush hour I didn’t see anyone I knew. Gutted. I’ll do doubt see someone (probably an ex) when I’m not in my go faster pants and I’m huffing like an old lady. Thems the breaks I guess.

So back to Saturday. The last thing I remember about Friday night was leaving Gill’s whilst Chris was shouting, ‘We’ve got to go now, the athlete needs to get to sleep’. Think it was about 11 which is a pretty reasonable time, but I still felt disgusting when I woke up and seriously not like going running. Anyway, the trudge up the bypass was as horrendous as ever, but then once we’d got past the turn up to Fence and carried on for the extra bit, my legs decided they were capable, and I suddenly started looking and feeling like I knew what I was doing. I was amazed given how the morning had started.

I think it was a turning point, it really helped the negativity from last week disappear, and whilst I’m sure it’ll come back and I’ve got some hard times ahead, I am feeling really good about it.

So, there we have it. Week 4 of training, and the 6 month countdown is on. I’m ready!

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