October 2nd – The diet of an athlete

Well, day 2 of ‘I’m running the marathon’, and whilst I’m still excited, there has been a lot more thought about what this is actually going to involve. This meant sitting at work all day chomping at the bit to get home and go for the first official training run, before I talked myself out of the whole thing. It would be no different to any other short run I’ve done, except this one I can justifiably add to a spreadsheet without feeling like a complete lunatic. I did the usual canal run, only probably because it was now ‘serious’, I had to stop halfway up the street to sort my music out (which I never do), all the while wondering why I’d worn the lumo yellow jacket that didn’t fit properly. Then it started raining and it became a bit clearer.

The first section was as unpleasant as ever, particularly when my body started wincing at the incline of the canal bridge, which lets face it, is nothing compared to running 26.2 miles, flat, hilly, regardless. My stride seemed to come quicker which is potentially down to all sorts, positive thinking, boot camp, or sheer terror at how much more there is to come.

I think the fact that there were two chavs on the canal hoisting something out with a large stick made me run that bit quicker as well, which to be fair if I keep running on the canal will pretty much be a daily occurence.

My time was pretty lousy but I’m not that bothered because I felt pretty fit by the end, and running through the village thinking about people I know in their cars in the tea time traffic high fiving me as I passed made me feel well good. Even though it didn’t happen.

Still, its only day 2 and whilst it rained, it was hardly life threatening.

More fun today has been telling everyone that I saw or spoke to that I’m running THE London marathon, in great detail. What I didn’t want in response to this was various people telling me I have to eat beetroot?? I’m not sure I’m taking it that seriously, especially 6 months before the race. Because beetroot is disgusting.

Even more fun than that has been the gay abandon with which I’ve been eating today. I had crisps with lunch, pie for tea and chocolate mousse for tea – without even an ounce of guilt. I guess I should consider waiting until I’m running more than 2.5 miles a week before starting the ‘eat like a horse’ diet?

I went to see Ailsa tonight and they mentioned that they might come down to London that weekend and make a mini break of it, which made my night. Plus it’d give Chris someone to hang out with during the hours that he’s going to be waiting around for me to hobble over the finish line. Surprised my Mums not mentioned it, but I guess shes got bigger things to think about at the moment.

Anyway, its bedtime again. Lets see how many people I can bore to tears tomorrow with this mission…

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