October 1st – The marathon, the mission

So, it began today. After trying for three years (which doesn’t sound that impressive in the grand scheme of achievements), I have finally been awarded a place on the London marathon.

Why I’m so excited is beyond me, 26.2 miles is a bloody long way, and to top that I’ve also to raise £2,000 for the pleasure. But its the start of something new, a real challenge, and my inner geek is revelling in the fact that this is going to involve project planning, both training and fundraising, I can buy new kit, I can set goals, I can create spreadsheets. I’m fairly sure I can do what I’ve been doing in a professional capacity for years here, I can distract from the real job by throwing Excel at the situation. Bliss.

I’ve been visualising myself crossing the finishing line whilst out running for the past 3 years, whenever I’ve been feeling fat, sluggish, slothish, and just plain lazy… and it has generally helped. I can’t believe in little over 6 months I’ll actually be doing it.

Alice from Macmillan said today that I sounded very determined, I didn’t dare tell her that I’m the most unlikely athlete to be taking on this responsibility, I am not a natural runner, or sportswoman, and not least because I smoked 7 cigarettes last Saturday, for reasons that are completely beyond me, but felt good at the time.

This is beyond anything I’ve ever signed up to before, I’ve always liked the structure of a challenge to give me a bit of a buzz, and a sense of achievement, but the London marathon is pretty astounding to me in terms of what its going to take to train for it. I think this challenge is necessary for me to feel like I’m really doing something useful for myself. However I think I’ve bitten off a large chunk.

Luckily when we stopped at the services on the way home from the Cotswolds today, legs burning from the 21 mile walk (NOT run) yesterday, I found the exact magazine for my new pursuits. Chris had got himself pretty excited too and wanted me to buy a running magazine, little did we know that there would be something as specific as ‘womens marathon running guide’ available in WH Smiths. £7.99 is nothing for the joy this new bible will bring, as I’ve always been convinced that every new adventure will be successful if you’ve read at least one book on the topic.

So there we have it. I’ve spread the news on facebook and had lots of love from my virtual friends, and plenty of excited emails from my fit real friends, plus pledges of training support which I’m going to greatly need.

I’m off to bed now to read up on what Nell McAndrew has to say about things. My plan is to blog daily on my training and fundraising progress, I hope I manage to make it sound a bit less dry than this! I’ve clearly worn myself out with the giddiness…

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