Every good plan starts again on a Monday. Thats how today was meant to start. I ran on Saturday, did a good walk yesterday, the plan today was to be out on the road by 6.30am, for a good 3.5miler before work.

What actually happened was repeat snoozing, ssshing Chris and his questions about why I wasn’t getting up…and then arriving at work grumpy and annoyed with myself. My productivity levels have been desperate, as I just sat there looking at the dry weather and thinking that I need to get home and get out, and wondering when I could justifiably flex off from work and get my miles in. Its only been a week and I’m already talking like this. I’m not sure all this has been a good idea.

Anyway I sloped off at 4, got myself home and got ready to hit the road. One of my biggest issues today was that I’ve somehow managed to buy 160 decaffinated tea bags using the office tea fund, and am skint until pay day next week – so I’ve had a belting headache all afternoon because I’ve been drinking pointless tea that hasn’t got me remotely high! That and the fact that my running gear is circa 2009 Great North Run training time, and without being gross, stinks. Its been washed about 1,000 times, and as a result, just doesnt smell that great anymore.

SoI set off, in my whiffy gear with a bad head, not feeling particularly positive, having decided to add 1.5 miles onto my session, including a hill, and the main road through the village during the school run. I am pleased to say though that somehow my negativity somehow transformed itself into a good run! I didn’t stop, even on the hill, I didn’t feel like my chest was going to collapse, I had a rhythm, and even though I really didn’t want to – I could have carried on (if threatened). Weirdly, it felt better than Saturdays 2.5…having said that I did nearly get run over by a post van on Saturday, and I was mildly hungover from the Queen tribute band.

So, despite the fact that my head is now banging like a swinging door, I am feeling good. Chris bless him has returned home with a breathable running top for me, with sleeves, so I now have one item of quality running gear that doesn’t smell of three year old sweat. This also makes me happy!

My Macmillan training pack should arrive later in the week, so I think I’ll get more of a definite plan together then, but for now, I’m definitely making progress, todays the furthest I’ve run in at least 2 years! So I think the best thing I can do this evening is turn off the computer, nurse my head, and wake up ready to keep building up the miles tomorrow (and work a full day!).

My final thought for the day is though, its amazing how quick you can do your last minute (new PB I think!) when you really need the loo šŸ˜‰

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